You noticed that the Women’s Congress for Future Generations website is different from the usual site.

Websites have more potential than most owners exploit.

Rossi Websites are story tellers. Their designs are focused on the material to be presented. Content is king.

Rossi Websites’ designs are reminiscent of magazines, with each article using design elements based on the content and intent of the story.

Steve writes or edits with the intent not just to inform, but to convince. Not just to buy, but to become a fan. Not just to gain an email address, but to create an appetite for more and to create anticipation for the next chapter. It’s a form of evangelism.

How do you get news? Why do you buy things? When do you pay attention to ads?

When your website appeals to you, you’re doing it right.

Your website can use many of the same techniques as these communication channels:

  • Television via broadcast and cable
  • Over the top TV: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Sling.
  • Radio via broadcast or podcast
  • Blog or “column” as found in newspapers and magazines
  • Vlog such as YouTube or Vimeo channels
  • Indoor signs such as displaying select pages of your website in your store or lobby
  • Integration with other sources of authority, social media and your partners

Steve often refers to a website as an advertising hub, the center of your ad strategy for print, social media, and your corporate style.

The point is—a website has more potential than most owners exploit.

I want to help because I will be a fan.

Which is different from I can help because I want your money.

Your website should be exploiting its potential.

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Positioning, strategy, and a compelling story can drive the market to you.

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