Your website is the greatest bargain in your advertising strategy!

Open sign is the second greatest bargain due to its short range.

The impact of your website continues to grow...

rFactor’s Facebook Page

Leverage your Facebook page by linking to your website.

  • Meet your potential customers where they are.
  • Link to a landing page on your site.
  • The landing page illustrates and tells the story about your topic.
  • Spin your offers and specials on your own ground
    with weekly website updates.

Bond with social media friends. Invite them to your website.

Tell your story without the social media distractions.

  • Post once to social media. Entice new customers to  your website.
  • No Facebook ads from competitors. No “social” distractions.
  • Focus on your zone of genius, while keeping on track with my quick turnaround!
  • Focus on your business. You’re better at that than a do-it-yourself Wix website.
  • Weekly check-in— for inspiration and motivation.
  • Tons of options:
    • Video.
    • Animated gifs.
    • Slideshows.
    • Check lists and how-to features.
  • Professional tips ’n’ tricks with graphics and copy writing assistance.

Affordable at $150* per month + a la carte options.

Active, entertaining content without Facebook limitations. Lots of room for Instagram-, Pinterest-, and Snapchat-able images.

  • Company logo and identity
  • Strategic positioning and marketing
  • Writing and graphic design
  • Domains, sub domains, websites, email, Mailchimp lists and campaigns
  • Site map and search engine registration
  • Analytics
  • Directories
  • Social media
  • Complexion reduction—KISS

*requires a one year commitment payable monthly.

Anybody can build their own website.
But not anybody can also create graphics
and write good stories.

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve tried WordPress, Wix or Weebly.

Use your talents running your business. Use my talents to help with advertising and promotion.

See my editorial about Wix on [Slow to load but worth it!]

Strategies for visibility and buzz:

Grid-breaking design!
Use them for holidays and your couponed ads.

Landing page support for each campaign such as holidays and print ads with coupons. A great way to collect response statistics.

Social media can be used to easily increase exposure to your latest news.

Scheduled content with news and articles added frequently. Social media is integrated to keep your story current.

Increase your good public relations. Spread the word.

Fresh special offers, new products, and testimonials.
Tell everyone when you’re featured in a magazine.

Presentation style can alter the meaning of the content.

Listicles, videos, trends, and destination marketing: telling your story in more than one way.

More from Rossi Websites:

Nail salons, boom, 21st century!

Does My Nails says,
Walk-ins welcome!.

Does My Nails offers one-page websites to nail salons for only $300/year as sub domains of Examples are or Includes hosting! Get your hands up on the web! Cheap. Effective.

Rfactor comes to you on radio frequency.

Hindsight tells us we can find it with both hands.

A Blog on steroids with pics, music and vids. Each month features a handful of gossipy speculation gathered from the World Wide Web. Music, tech, rambles from Reddit, who’s getting kicked on Kickstarter. Some months offer free downloadable, printable calendars. R is for radio and Rossi and Robbinsdale.

Custom back-lit signs, your menu, like video.

Well designed web pages become compelling signs in stores, restaurants... any public building.

A Google Chromecast and a big TV is all it takes to have a big radiant sign in your store. Compare to in-store-sign-services that cost thousands per month!

photo of Steve Rossi writing content, coding and editing images.

Hire Steve Rossi for your advertising program.

  • Merely liking a brand on Facebook doesn’t change behavior or increase purchasing. —Leslie K. John, associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School
  • Use slide shows to showcase photo-social pics.
  • Use a bold color pallet sets you apart from the blue sites.
  • Unique, grid-violating layouts set your site apart from Wordpress and Wix and Weebly, ad infinitum.
  • On-going support for frequent updates and strategic changes that doesn't happen with Do-it-yourself or Drag-and-drop sites.

John Saito of Dropbox Design wrote an excellent article on May 16, 2017, titled “Why your design team should hire a writer”

Rossi Websites’ work says it best:

  • Fox keeping an eye out.
    Your Rossi™ Website is part of this
    complete advertising strategy!
  • Eiffel Tower, July 1888
    Your website is fueled with dynamic content.
    Strategy, writing and design supports your story,
    offers and news.
  • Printed materials work together.
    Your logo, colors and fonts are features similar to
      the mouth, nose, and eyes of a face you recognize.
  • Strategy, content, code...
    call Steve—612 913 2186.
    Comprehensive advertising
    from one source.
  • Just a good looking photo of Elon Musk
    Just Elon Musk in his new space capsule.
    That is all.

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Positioning, strategy, and a compelling story can drive the market to you.

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This is the new Google Earth.

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